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Our five tips for children to master problem solving:
1. Begin early with teaching kids how to solve problems and encourage giving new things a go when they feel daunted;
2. Encourage kids to solve problems independently;
3. If need be provide assistance to kids by talking through a problem together rather than imposing your solution;
4. Be mindful of the language you use by framing a problem in terms of an opportunity;
5. Instil a healthy self belief in children when they are facing a problem. They listen!

Problem solving comes in many forms from resolving social conflicts to deciphering an algebraic equation.

The value in solving a problem is that magical word that is so important to how we feel about ourselves in the world; confidence!  A child who lacks problem solving skills may not have the confidence to, and therefore avoid trying new things, so it can be useful to introduce the skills needed to solve problems in a non threatening way. So think fun activities such as magnetic construction.

The process of building with magnetic pieces is not always straightforward and requires patience and logic as models collapse, pieces may not connect perfectly or you can’t quite figure out how to translate a 2D model into 3D. When children work through these ‘opportunities,’ particularly on their own, they gain confidence which has a positive impact on other new tasks they are faced with. Everything has a ripple effect! What ‘opportunity’ were you faced with today?


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