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Exciting new style of construction toy hits Australian market to help your child’s overall development

It is no surprise, that the more building systems children are exposed to and learn to build with, the more flexible and creative their thinking processes become.

Construction toys are already widely recognised as ideal for facilitating a child’s overall growth. Educational & Developmental Psychologist and Founder of eQurious Afsaneh Jolan explains:

“Providing children with an enriched environment that includes educational toys can stimulate their brain activity leading to higher rates of synaptogenesis and neural connections, which are essential ingredients for optimal health. Construction toys, such as Clicformers not only enhances children’s cognitive skills, but also provides them with the opportunity to strengthen their Emotional and Social Intelligence.”

However, not all toys in this category are produced with quality, creativity and sustainable play in mind. Born from the unique partnership between Magformers (the global leading brand in magnetic construction toy) and Clics (a Belgium-based toy brand), Clicformers was developed by play therapists, who invented an easy four step sensory play system: Click, Stack, Fold and Hook. Already flying high as the Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award Winner 2017 (US) for the Basic 50-piece Set, Clicformers promise quality to last the distance, as children build from simple to complex.

Made in Belgium, Clicformers help develop skills in mathematics, geometry, early trigonometry, critical thinking and problem solving. Specialist teacher in STEM and Founder of Little Minds Makerspace Alison Hays has been using Clicformers for her STEM and Coding classes, and said:

“Clicformers are engaging for a range of ages. They are a great educational toy that helps develop fine motor hand dexterity and strength when playing, as the toy requires children to use their hands to push and pull apart pieces with a small amount of resistance. Hand strength is important for handwriting and tasks that require hand strength. The kids have a lot of fun and can use their imagination to build and design their own structures. Cooperative play in small groups can also easily be accomplished as more complex designs are attempted.”

A durable innovative construction kit, that is both educational and fun, is one that a child will learn and grow with over time. Why not make learning seamless and exciting for those willing to begin their journey with a simple click.

See the full range of Clicformers products here: https://www.magformers.com.au/product-category/shop-by-line/clicformers

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