Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery take and when can I expect to receive my order?

If you purchase on the Magformers website, your order will be processed within one business day of payment coming through.

Products are sent from our Sydney warehouse.

The approximate delivery time will depend on your location (see below).

Where possible, especially if you are in metro areas, we will choose a courier delivery option for faster delivery than Australia Post. If you are in a Regional area, or your address is a PO Box or similar, then our postal options are more limited. If you have a deadline, you are welcome to contact us and tell us your deadline, or ask us before purchase when you can receive your product to be sure.

Please note these times are approximate. Please also allow a bit of extra time during peak season like Christmas or when there is a public holiday!

Yes, we can EXPRESS POST, please contact us by emailing or calling us on 1300 19 19 26 with the product/s and your address and we can advise you of any additional cost.


METRO areas:

Sydney metro – same to next day;

Canberra – 1 to 2 days;

Melbourne metro – 1 to 4 days depending on the product size;

Brisbane and Gold Coast metro – 1 to 4 days depending on the product size;

Adelaide – 2 to 4 days;

Perth – small items are usually overnight; larger items can take up to 5 to 7 days;



NSW – 2 to 4 days;

VIC, QLD, SA – 3 – 5 days;

WA, TAS, NT – 5 to 10 days;

Are they all compatible?

Yes, Magformers components (shapes and accessories) are all compatible, with just one exception:

The silver rimmed pieces in the XL Cruisers line ( are not compatible with:

* The accessory packs (; or

* The click wheels (

Everything else is compatible. This means that you can keep adding to your collection!

Can I only make the things on the box / in the idea booklet?

Magformers is all about free play, creativity and imagination. You and your children can create anything you can imagine!

Although each set comes with ideas of what you can build with the pieces in the set, you will find that most children won’t even look at those ideas. The benefits of free play should not be underestimated. Enjoy creating!

Is this product just for boys?


Magformers is for boys AND girls. It is important for girls as much as boys to play with Magformers so that they can develop the same skills.

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What makes Magformers a premium product?


The main expensive component of Magformers is the magnets. Magformers uses neodymium magnets that are 5 times more powerful than magnets in ordinary toys and does not weaken over time.

Quality and Safety

In addition, the plastic used for Magformers is very strong, and is an ABS / BPA-free plastic that is specifically designed and made for Magformers. This ensures that the strong magnets are safely encapsulated.

All Magformers products are safety tested and comply with Australian as well as International Safety Standards.


Magformers are researched and developed so that products stimulate children’s brain development in different ways. New shapes, components and accessories (including motorised and remote controlled parts) are always being developed and introduced to the range. Magformers go far beyond simply squares and triangles.

How are Magformers educational?

Magformers can be connected in any direction in 3D. This allows children to understand various concepts in a visual and practical way.

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Magformers sets are mostly marked 3 +, so will these be too easy for my child?

At any age, and at any stage of brain development, children, teenagers and adults (through to the elderly!) will have fun and benefit from playing with Magformers. The more shapes and accessories there are, the more challenging the set will be. For example, the Power Gear Set has a motor and gears, which allows children and those young-at-heart to build moving rides using gears. Even though this set is marked 3+, it is more suited to advanced builders.

Click below to see Intermediate and Advanced Sets:



For more information on benefits, click here:

What's the difference between My First Sets (18 months) and the Standard Sets?


The main difference between the My First Sets and the Standard Sets are the colours.

My First Sets are in solid colours, which infants at the age of 18 months see better and interact with easier.

Most other sets marked 3 + come in translucent colours, although some also come in solid colours (eg. Village Set or Sweet House Set).

Additional Material – My First Sets

Many of the My First sets come with printed material designed to teach younger children various skills and concepts, such as colours and shapes. To find out more about what comes with each My First set, click here:

What is STEM or STEAM?

STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths

STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths

For more information on why STEM / STEAM toys are so important in early childhood education, click here:

How do we become a stockist of Magformers?

To become a stockist of Magformers, please click here:

Alternatively, please email your details to


As there is very stringent quality control in Magformers products, returns are a rare occurrence!

In the unlikely event that there is something wrong with the item, please contact us within 30 days of purchase, with valid proof of purchase (whether online, in our Concept Store, or at an authorised stockist) and photos / videos showing the parts that may be faulty, and we will promptly assess your claim.

Should something be faulty, we will happily replace the part for you or provide you with a refund if we are unable to replace the part. We are here to help and our customers are always happy with the solution we provide in the very rare occasion that something is not right.

Where else can I buy Magformers?

You can buy Magformers online on this website or from your local stockist listed in the Stockists link below. Please ensure you purchase from an authorised stockist to receive product warranty and after sales care in Australia.

What does XL mean, and how is XL Cruiser Line different from the other Magformers products?

XL (“Excel”) is simply a name given to the special Magformers pieces in the XL Cruiser Line. It does not stand for extra large!

The main difference between the XL Cruiser Line pieces and other Magformers pieces, is that XL Cruiser shapes are slimmer, and has a silver rim around the sides.

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