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Shop 7, 233 Harris Street Pyrmont (Sydney)

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm

We are down the road from the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, a few blocks from Darling Harbour and 2 blocks from the Sydney Fish Markets.

Come and Discover Play with Magformers. The best form of learning is through creative play.

All children, regardless of their abilities or disabilities are empowered to discover their innate abilities to explore and create at their own level.

All children deserve the opportunity to learn and PLAY, and be the best they can be!

As a parent, or guardian, have you lost your creativity? You can rediscover your inner child and simpler times through play.

“How do I play?”, some have asked. Well, there isn’t a ‘how’, you just do! Roll up your sleeves and play! That is all!

We become so good at following instructions, we lose our innate abilities to just create. It doesn’t matter what, just let your brain have some unrestrained fun!

This is what Magformers can do! Give your children the confidence to play, to create, without necessarily following instructions.

This is called creative free play! And it is the best form of learning.

We look forward to you visiting and discovering play with us soon!

If you are far from us and can’t visit, you can find Magformers in over 175 independent toy shops all around Australia. Please check your nearest stockist on our website.


Magformers is an internationally Award Winning toy. If you have seen your child playing with Magformers, and have touched the product, you will know why!

Magformers is a premium brand with a research and development focus on bringing fun to learning and brain development; giving equal opportunities to all boys and girls, including children with different abilities or disabilities. These are quality products that will grow with your children.

Bring your children and come and experience the magical world of Magformers with hands-on play!


Wishing you all never ending FUN!

As the saying goes: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. ♡

Have questions? Give the Store a call on 0402 082 112.


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