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Four new exciting Magformers Themed Sets are coming early October 2019: Max’s Playground Set, Maggy’s House Set, Minibot’s Kitchen Set and Milo’s Mansion Set. These new “accessory packed sets” are full of amazing details and they can all easily click into standard Magformers pieces! Children of all ages can create more interesting and diverse play scenes that are only limited by their imagination.

With Max’s Playground Set you can create a beautiful dream playground for Max; complete with a slide, a see-saw, a swing and a bike to ride all around the park.

Maggy prefers to play at home. With Maggy’s House Set, Maggy can relax in her bath, sleep in her bed or decorate her house any way she wants.

The kitchen is where Minibot whips up his ‘MasterChef’ creations. Minbot’s Kitchen Set comes with a fridge and oven as well as a table and chairs for his friends to come and dine with him.

Finally, who could forget Milo and who has everything he needs to live a dog’s life in the Milo’s Mansion Set.

Collect all four sets and combine them together to make awesome ‘Mega Houses’. Stimulate creative skills through imaginative play and allow your children to learn while having heaps of fun with their new sets! 


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