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Safety is our number one priority here at Magformers Australia.

Below is a review we received from a mum of one, Lisa Leverington from Melbourne, about her experience with a cheaper toy that she bought from a major Australian retail chain store.


Why I wanted to write this review

Upon opening the [cheaper toy], I was mortified to see a tiny magnet loose in my toddler’s hands. Please see the pictures I took below, to warn other parents of the dangers of cheap toys.

I work in healthcare so I know all too well the dangers of a child or adult human swallowing a magnet, which could potentially be lethal. It concerns me immensely to know that a potentially unsafe product was so easily available in my local [chain store]

This lead me to warn other mothers not to purchase cheap toys with magnets inside seeing how easily these tiles fell apart, which is when I was informed of the original Magformers learning toy.

I just hope this serves as a warning to others not to be blinded by a cheap price, but to do your research and understand the potential danger of lower quality toys (especially those containing magnets).

Why I like Magformers

The main thing I like is obviously the safety aspect as Magformers’ ethos is children’s safety and the plastic used is made just for Magformers, and their products are tested to all relevant Australian and international safety standards.

Magformers tiles are smooth around the edges and where the dual colours are joined, there is no visible ‘glueing’ of the two sides together encapsulating the magnets. The binding is strong, almost as if it was made as one single piece of tile with two colours.

The Magformers WOW Set which was also the car shape had a tile with a little person swinging in the middle of the tile and it is all nailed together to ensure again, safety. 

The bonus was the Magformers set came with these learning cards which you can play with your little one and help them learn shapes, problem solve and it grows with them as the cards progress, to building sophisticated car structures.  

There is a “Magformers” inscription on every tile.

I personally can justify the cost of quality toys that are safe (where I can take my eyes off my child for a few minutes and not worry about him swallowing small parts, let alone a magnet!), and which are instrumental in my child’s fine motor skills and learning. 

I am sure that our Magformers set will last us a lifetime!




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