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Why are the Arts so important for your child?

When people first think of STEM, they generally think about the logical and reasonable side. Did you know that the arts are important too? Skills developed from arts (including liberal arts, fine arts, music, design-thinking, and language arts) are essential to innovation. Engineers, scientists and architects now use design-thinking, creativity, communication, and other artistic skills to find solutions to problems, hence the importance of STEAM learning from an early age.

Importantly, STEAM play encourages natural curiosity. Children are encouraged to wonder and ask questions as they play. They learn from an early age that it is perfectly OK to be curious and to ask questions.

Focusing on just STEM does not reflect the real world.

Children can begin learning these multi-disciplinary skills with 2D and 3D construction! While they’re playing, they’re thinking about what to make, how to make it and fixing it up if it breaks. When they play with friends and family, they learn about sharing, teamwork and playing fairly. Playing with colourful shapes like Magformers gives any child a chance to create art masterpieces using symmetry and patterns. These are just a few examples of how children learn through creative play. Play based learning can set your child up for success at school and beyond!


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