My therapists and I have found Magformers to be highly beneficial in therapy. We have thoroughly enjoyed using the magnetic shapes and the response from our children has been incredible. 

Our children love playing, exploring and experimenting with the bright coloured shapes and enjoy the subtle clicking sound when putting the shapes together. At the same time, the Magformers enhance their learning and skill development. 

We have found Magformers to be beneficial for a variety of conditions including Autism, ADHD, developmental delay and sensory processing disorders. 

Magformers has been helpful in developing skills such as bi lateral integration as the children have to use both hands to put the shapes together, improving fine motor skills and fine motor control, increasing hand and finger strength by pulling the shapes apart, enhancing visual perceptual skills such as spatial awareness and form constancy, improving motor planning and construction skills (conceiving and executing), cognitive skills such as colour and shape recognition (including 2D and 3D shapes) and it has even helped creativity and idea generation, building beyond the scope of the copying cards included in the box. 

Magformers is a valuable resource for Paediatric clinicians and parents, as they can be used and enjoyed by children of any age.

– Sarah Hickey, Paediatric Occupational Therapist at Kids First Occupational Therapy

I think this is a really brilliant, fascinating invention. I think that one of the most important challenges Magformers solves is illustrating abstract mathematical concepts.

– Professor Antti Rasila at the Aalto University, Finland

“I found Magformers to be a very useful tool which allows us to realise building concepts. This kind of tool is useful for algebra and can even aid graduate students in higher university education. For 2 dimensional objects, there are many tools. We can draw them on the paper. But for 3 dimensional we do not have many options. This is exactly what we need.”

– Professor Hossein Abbaspour at the University of Nantes, France

It is extremely important to have something like Magformers as they make all sorts of things very visual. They are very easy for teachers to use and I think …it would be a great advantage for all teachers to have something like that in the class. The only thing I can say is that it is a great product.

– Sergei Gelfand, Mathematician at the American Mathematical Society, USA

With Magformers you can better explain mathematic principles such as symmetries, patterns and equations. You can construct different complex 3D ideas from Platonic to Archimedean bodies. This is a great learning tool for me to explain and teach my grandchildren the difference between 2 and 3 dimensions.

– Professor Paul Vaerlind at the Stockholm University, Sweden

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